08 September 2021
Golia’s paper on mapping electromagnetic and haemodynamic networks is live on bioRxiv!

01 September 2021
Vincent’s paper on multiscale communication in brain networks is published in NeuroImage!

31 August 2021
Golia is awarded the Bourse d’Excellence Desjardins and Zhen-Qi is awarded the Chippindale Outstanding Student Award!

30 August 2021
Vincent is awarded the Faculty of Medicine Fellowship and Zhen-Qi is awarded the Jeanne Timmins Fellowship!

28 August 2021
Golia’s and Vince’s preprint on network structure of atrophy in frontotemporal dementia is live on bioRxiv!

09 August 2021
Estefany’s paper on neuromorphic networks is published in Nature Machine Intelligence!

10 July 2021
Ross’ preprint on the abagen toolbox for imaging transcriptomics is live on bioRxiv!

10 July 2021
Zhen-Qi’s and Bertha’s preprint on time-resolved structure-function coupling is live on bioRxiv!

17 April 2021
Ross’ paper on spatial null models is published in NeuroImage!

25 March 2021
Justine’s paper on mapping transcriptomic and cognitive architectures is published in Nature Human Behaviour!

05 January 2021
Ross’ paper on multimodal fusion is published!

17 December 2020
Golia’s paper on gradients of intrinsic dynamics is published in eLife!

11 November 2020
Estefany’s preprint on neuromorphic networks is live on bioRxiv!

09 November 2020
Our Focus Feature on Network Communication in the Brain is published! Check out our editorial!

02 October 2020
Vince’s preprint on multiscale communication in brain networks is live on bioRxiv!

14 August 2020
Ross’ preprint on comparing spatially-constrained null models is live on bioRxiv!

03 August 2020
Golia’s paper on latent clinical-anatomical dimensions in schizophrenia is published! With an editorial!

28 July 2020
Zhen-Qi’s and Ying-Qiu’s paper about the marmoset connectome is published!

17 July 2020
Justine’s preprint on mapping transcriptomic and cognitive architectures is live on bioRxiv!

04 July 2020
Golia’s preprint on gradients of intrinsic dynamics is live on bioRxiv!

19 June 2020
Bertha’s and Zhen-Qi’s paper on path motifs is published!

30 April 2020
Estefany, Ross and Vincent are awarded FRQNT scholarships!

03 March 2020
Ross’ preprint on multimodal fusion is live on bioRxiv!

25 February 2020
Estefany’s and Ross’ review on structure-function relationships is out in TiCS!

21 November 2019
Ying-Qiu’s paper on network propagation of misfolded proteins is published in PLoS Biology!

28 October 2019
Golia’s paper on how network architecture shapes atrophy in schizophrenia is published in Biological Psychiatry!

30 September 2019
Bertha’s structure-function gradients paper is published in PNAS!

28 August 2019
Estefany and Ross are awarded Faculty of Medicine fellowships!

26 March 2019
The consistency-based thresholding paper is published! Great collaboration with the Brain Networks & Behavior Lab at Indiana University.

03 May 2019
Golia’s schizophrenia and brain networks paper is live on bioRxiv!

27 November 2018
Nykan’s MyConnectome paper is published!

3 November 2018
NetNeuroTools is live on our GitHub repo! Awesome work by Ross, with great documentation.

18 September 2018
Bratislav presents at the World Economic Forum.

20 March 2018
Golia is awarded an NSERC doctoral fellowship!