Welcome to the Network Neuroscience Lab

We are a dynamic research group at the Montreal Neurological Institute. We investigate how the links and interactions among brain areas support cognitive operations, complex behavior and global dynamics.

We use neuroimaging (MRI, M/EEG, PET) to map and model patterns of neural connectivity. We pursue several research themes, from modeling communication processes on anatomical networks, to statistical models of network architecture and disease propagation (see Research).

We are located at the Montreal Neurological Institute at McGill University, the birthplace of cognitive neuroscience and home to Penfield, Milner, Jasper and others. We exchange ideas and work with our colleagues in the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre.

We are grateful for funding from Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada (NSERC), the Canada Research Chairs Program (CRC), the Fonds de Recherché du Quebec-Santé (FRQS), and Healthy Brains For Healthy Lives ((HBHL).


11 November 2020

Estefany's preprint on neuromorphic networks is live on bioRxiv!

09 November 2020

Our Focus Feature on Network Communication in the Brain is published! Check out our editorial!

02 October 2020

Vince's preprint on multiscale communication in brain networks is live on bioRxiv!

14 August 2020

Ross' preprint on comparing spatially-constrained null models is live on bioRxiv!

03 August 2020

Golia's paper on latent clinical-anatomical dimensions in schizophrenia is published! With an editorial!

28 July 2020

Zhen-Qi's and Ying-Qiu's paper about the marmoset connectome is published!

17 July 2020

Justine's preprint on mapping transcriptomic and cognitive architectures is live on bioRxiv!

04 July 2020

Golia's preprint on gradients of intrinsic dynamics is live on bioRxiv!

19 June 2020

Bertha's and Zhen-Qi's preprint on path motifs is published!

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