The neuromaps toolbox is designed to help researchers make easy, statistically-rigorous comparisons between brain maps (or brain annotations).

The accompanying paper is published in Nature Methods.

Installation requirements

Currently, neuromaps works with Python 3.7+ and requires a few dependencies:

  • matplotlib

  • nibabel (>=3.0)

  • nilearn (>=0.7)

  • numpy (>=1.14)

  • scikit-learn (>=0.17)

  • scipy

You can get started by installing neuromaps from the source repository with:

git clone
cd neuromaps
pip install .

You will also need to have Connectome Workbench installed and available on your path in order to use most of the transformation / resampling functionality of neuromaps.


If you use the neuromaps toolbox, please cite our paper. If you use data included in the neuromaps repository, be sure to cite the original paper that published this data. A table with references for each brain map can be found in the Wiki.

License information

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License cc-by-nc-sa. The full license can be found in the LICENSE file in the neuromaps distribution.